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Patriots Walke HOA map shows homeowners a view of the community and highlights HOA maintained areas, common areas left in their natural state, and City of Suffolk maintained areas. Find information on public schools, utilities, and service providers. Patriots Walke HOA does not manage or partner with service providers. Please contact HOA Management at (757) 491-6557 if you have any questions about services for our community.

To view governing documents, download a resale package, or find the link to financial and meeting information, visit the HOA Documents page.

map of Patriots Walke HOA Landscaping and Common areas.

Utilities, City of Suffolk Services,

& Schools

  • Electricity  – the homes are individually metered. Please contact Dominion Virginia Power or Community Electric Cooperative to set up an account for your new address.
  • Trash Removal Curbside recycling is provided City-wide in the City of Suffolk. Contact the City of Suffolk Refuse Division and set up an account for your address. 757-514-7630
    • TRASH REMOVAL: Thursday evening the trash toter is rolled out from garage to the curb of their driveway. Friday the trash truck picks up the trash toter and empties the toter. Friday afternoon the trash toter is placed back into the garage.
    • RECYCLING: The City of Suffolk, in partnership with locally-owned and operated TFC Recycling, is bringing curbside recycling to Suffolk:
      • Aluminum Cans
      • Steel/Tin Cans
      • Glass Bottles
      • Paper Products (Printer Paper, Newspaper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Cardboard Rolls, Flattened Carboard boxes)
      • Plastic Bottles and Jugs with a neck or spout (Beverages and Non-toxic Cleaning Products).

      Just roll your Big Bin to the curb every other week, on the same day that the City collects your refuse. Contact the Refuse Division to coordinate recycling at 757-514-7630.

    • MOVING BOXES/LARGE ITEMS: You can take moving boxes or large items to the Regional Landfill at #1 Bob Foeller Drive  |  Suffolk, VA 23434 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – noon. Please see their website for accepted items and other information:
  • Water/Sewer – each home is individually metered. Please contact Suffolk Water & Sewer to set up an account for your new address.
  • Internet – each home is wired for high speed internet. Feel free to contact the provider of your choice and set up service for your new address. 
  • HOA – Residents who have purchased a home automatically belong to the HOA. For more information about governing documents, board meetings, and HOA specific items, please visit the HOA Documents and HOA Members Only pages.

Join the Patriots Walke HOA – Association Members Only Facebook Group to stay up to date on community information and events. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors too!


Patriots Walke offers quick access to all interstates such as I-64, US 58, and I-664. Short commutes are a reality to Norfolk Naval Station, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News Shipyard and even Virginia Beach. Night life in Norfolk’s Waterside District is just minutes away! 

As Virginia’s largest City, Suffolk is 430 square miles of rich land with woods, lakes, rivers, and rolling terrain – not to mention wise development and the use of it – that make this area bountiful for residents and businesses alike. Multiple medical facilities, retailers, grocery stores, recreational facilities like the YMCA and many nearby choices for golf are all just a short drive away.

Get ready for more outdoor fun! The Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail is a developing project that will one day span 11.5 miles, connecting the communities of Suffolk and Chesapeake in southeastern Virginia. The trail is also part of a larger 41-mile effort called the South Hampton Roads Trail, which will link Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Residents of Patriots Walke will have direct access to the Coastline Trail. 

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